Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New friends

When we were in PEI (on Basin Head), a teenage boy found a bunch of hermit crabs in the water. He gave them to Oliver, who decided that he was going to be the world expert on hermit crabs. When it came time to leave the beach, I told Oliver to put his crabs back into the ocean. OMG! I was totally the worst mother in the universe. In a moment of total weakness, I promised to get him a hermit crab when we got home. Stupid me! I honestly thought that he would forget... move on.... but, no. I heard from the resident hermit crab expert every day until I finally caved... and brought home.... 3 hermit crabs. Oliver is so excited that he spent 10 minutes watching his crab and is now eating left over pizza... @@ (that is my eyeroll). Names to be released at a later date ;)

Welcome to our new friends ;)

Their new home




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