Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Adventures with Pokemon Go

Alexander has been playing Pokemon Go for 2 days now (this is day 3) and these have been my observations so far:

- This is the most he has exercised all summer long. He is on his bike/walking NON STOP. This aspect of the game is pretty cool. Problem is that some people actually drive around, using the app. This is not so cool.

- The app actually got Alexander to want to go to the library (it is a Pokemon stop or something like that). I reminded him that books were there too. He looked at me and rolled his eyes ;)

- ADULTS are using it and randomly hanging out in odd places (ie: outside our City Hall). At first, it made me laugh. Then it started to creep me out. Seriously. Yesterday evening, I agreed to take Alexander to the City Hall Pokemon spot. Nicka came too because he wanted to see what it was all about. There were at least 20 people hanging out in front of the building. I think that Alexander and Nicka were among the youngest there. Like I said: creepy.

- While we were at City Hall, I started to tease Alexander so I loudly called him a gamer. About half of the Poke-heads turned and looked at me. Hahaha!

- On our way home, some girl noticed that Alexander was playing. She raised her fist in the air and called out "Pokemon"! Umm.... sure. Whatever....

- Our neighbourhood looks like phone-staring-zombies have invaded ;)

- I have come to the conclusion that I am not cool and, you know what, I don't care ;)

I didn't take this photo (courtesy of internet). Just so you get the idea (kind of)....

This was our City Hall last night.... hahahahahaha! I don't think that there have EVER been this many people there ;)

The cars were filled with Pokemon gamers.... I didn't know if I should laugh or cry ;)


  1. My middle son (13) plays it since two weeks. And this is the first holiday in years that he go out himself every day (and it is not for swimming in the backyard). We talk everyday about safe cycling and walking. I am pro Go!

    1. I like the exercise part... definitely. I just find it dangerous when the gamers are doing it while driving :(

  2. Hilarious post! Paul took the kids last night to the library too, but not for books. He said there were at least a 100 people there!

  3. Ha ha, I would love to be walking with you :-D