Friday, July 29, 2016

Saving my bicycle... locally!

When I lived in Denmark, I had a great Everton retro shopping bike. Unfortunately, European brand bikes are were not well known here and, mechanically, hard to maintain. So, my lovely bike stood in our garage, making strange noises and unable to change gears properly. Boo!

The other day, I was listening to a radio call in show where the topic was cycling in Montreal. Firstly, over the past 10 years, Montreal has gone from a very bike-unfriendly city to a happening bike place. Downtown is filled with cycling culture and many Montrealers proudly cycle year-round... even in -40C and snow (this will be another blog topic sometime). Anyway, the radio show inspired me and I did some bike-repair-research. All this to say that I found Allo Vélo.... my poor bike's saviour! They not only sell Danish/Dutch style bikes.... they fix them.... at a good price.... and have coffee.... ALL AT THE SAME SHOP! ;) Heaven! The guy didn't even looked perplexed when he took a look at my bike! All he said was- cool- and told me that he would call me back when my bike was fixed! 

Love this place! Just so happy at the chance of getting my bike back that I wanted to write about it. No commercial exchange took place... just loving a cool Montreal shop!

Euro bikes AND coffee!

Cool vibe

Glad they were on my list of things to do today!


  1. How nice! And great that you can use your bike again. I hope that the costs be easy.

    1. So far, so good. The bike tech called me yesterday because he needed to replace a part that he needed to order from Europe. In all, it will probably be just over $100 CDN. Much cheaper than buying a new bike ;) I am looking forward to biking again!

  2. Wauw what a place and soon you will be on the road again. Cool :-D