Sunday, July 10, 2016

We have arrived!

We are in Prince Edward Island!!!

Actually, we arrived last night but, given all the excitement, it was next to impossible to find a moment to post ;) The W family had arrived a few hours (quite a few hours... sorry!) before us and were a great welcome party when we finally got to the house :) The boys were so excited to see each other (and our boys were ecstatic to get out of the car)! After the customary our-family-boy-accidents (Nicka sliding down a small cliff, scratching up his legs AND losing Oliver in the backyard- seriously-ugh!), we sat down to a glass of wine and enjoyed the fact that we are on HOLIDAY :)

Here are some pictures of the house that we are staying in. Yes, that is our own private beach :) We are taking it easy this morning so more pictures will come later today xox

View from the deck

Our beach!

More of our beach!

We can hear the waves from our bedroom :)

The boys get this awesome backyard!

The house...

Two chairs, saved for me and mother W :)


  1. Wauw what a place - I wish that I could spend some time right there. Wishing you all a lovely holiday :-D

  2. Lots of fun, sun and cosiness together, X