Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thank you, internet shopping gods!

I have been eyeing a certain skirt on ASOS for about 3 weeks now but don't really have the money to buy it. So, while trying to be responsible and well-behaved in internet shopping land, this skirt has been calling my name....  It is now out of stock so it is also now out of mind ;) Bye-bye, temptation! ;)

Happy Thursday xox

Evil internet site ;)


  1. Love ASOS for my eldest son.
    I'm curious about 'your' skirt now!

    1. I love this website for shopping! I discovered it when I was pregnant with Oliver and have been a loyal fan ever since ;) I cannot find the link to the skirt anymore (whew!) but it was black/white and knee length... lovely... but still a bit too pricey ;)

  2. Hi hi, I love to shop online :-D