Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday tornado

Today has been a non stop tornado of boys... We had some close-friends-that-we-never-see-because-of-hockey come by today for a morning of Lego and video games and an afternoon of skating. Tornado shift #2 started when the hockey boys were picked up by their grandmother and Oliver's-best-friend-from-kindergarten met up with us at the rink (we had Oliver's-other-best-friend-from-his-old-daycare over yesterday... have to make the distinction between the two) ;) We had lots of fun skating... of course, the fun happened AFTER Oliver fell and bit his lip. Wow... lips bleed a lot, which, of course, freaked him out even more. Anyway, thanks to the hockey boys and his brothers, he felt cool getting his first "on ice" injury. Easing my Canadian mother guilt, Oliver has made lots of progress skating and is a pro at getting up after falling ;)
Now, the big boys are relaxing in the living room. Oliver and best-friend-from-kindergarten are downstairs pretending that they are Batman and Spider Man. I can think of worse things to be....

I think that I will make a little escape for some alone time this evening... I have some errands to run and I am leaning on going by myself.... I will leave the tornado at home for Andreas to take care of ;)

xox to you all!

Post lip bite... poor buddy!

Sporting his best cheesy grin ;)

Don't let the sweet look fool you... ;)

Face off

Let's learn how to skate by smashing into each other
Bonding... not really...

More plotting

Beating up the big brother

Good thing that Alexander could escape the dangerous duo!

Get him!

The best use for these skate-aids ;)

Regrouping ;)
Oops... Remnant of Oliver's accident (yes, I wiped it up) ;)

Attitude shot...



  1. It is time to have outside-weather for the boys!
    I hope you did fun shopping ;-)

    1. I agree! It is -15C again today but, hopefully, that will change by next week :P I need your tropical vibes ;)