Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ten random facts

Ten random facts about me:

1) I clearly remember, when I was about 9 or 10 years old, getting a fortune cookie that said: It's a boy! Being a 9 or 10 year old girl, I cried. Little did that fortune cookie writer know how right they would be! Times 3!

2) We do some of our grocery shopping at IKEA. Actually, we leave with big bags full. Really.

3) I hate the sound of people chewing. OK... I don't hate it.... I REALLY hate it. Makes me nuts.

4) I don't like to go to movie theatres (reason: see fact #3).

5) I have a PhD from the Sundhedsvidenskablige Fakultet from the University of Copenhagen. I just graduated from there. Don't ask me to pronounce it.

6) I met Andreas while on a PhD course in Lund, Sweden. He was too serious. I told someone to buy him a beer. Three years later, we had Alexander ;)

7) I am a shopaholic... but only when there is a sale/bargain involved. Otherwise, it is not so much fun.

8) In my head, I am only a few years older than my students. Reality hits when I realize that a) my tattoos are older than they are; 2) they were born in the year that I went back to university and 3) I am older than some of their parents :(

9) Before going back to university, I used to work in the arts. I did my college degree in Theatre Studies (technical option). For 7 years, I worked as a stage manager/company manager for a few theatre and ballet companies before "retiring".

10) I am an insomniac and sleep with my radio on. It can only be "talk" radio, otherwise the music keeps me awake. Funny thing is that, when I wake up, I retain odd facts or pieces of news that I am not sure come from my dream or from the radio.

Ok... maybe this was all too much information ;) Wishing you all a great day! xox

Here are 10 random pictures to go with the 10 random facts:

At our belated wedding party in August 2005

The boys in Sweden

Standing with Andreas at his PhD grad (Lund 2004)

The boys

A Canadian version of the stroller ;)

Life is good

Outside our DK apartment


Celebrating my PhD defense (the wine glass was for show... I was 6 weeks pregnant with Oliver)

View from my fave Copenhagen cafe


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    1. Thanks for reading ;) In my future "random facts", I need to put something about soccer and how my friends there have become an important part of my life xox