Monday, March 14, 2016

Daylight savings

Sure... we miss out on an hour of sleep but, honestly, to have a few more hours of light on the evening end of things is worth it! Yesterday, Andreas and I sat on the front porch (yes, it was warm enough) to have a beer/tapas before dinner, while the boys were playing some funny soccer game thing that they had made up earlier in the day on the balcony in the back. We could hear them shouting in the back but we pretended that we didn't know who the noisy kids were. At least, they were happy sounds ;)
Today, we woke up to a beautiful sunrise. Yups.... it is worth it :)

Happy week to all xox

Just hanging out (post funny soccer game thing)

Nicka being Nicka <3

Let the springtime begin :)


This morning


  1. The promise of a long spring and an endless summer <3

    1. I can't help the white part ;-)

    2. I thought that you had put the white part in to remind me of snow ;) Haha! xox

    3. Exactly, that's the bitch in me <3