Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter egg hunt

The Easter Bunny (besides leaving the gastro for Oliver) also left me clear instructions on how to organize an egg hunt for the boys. Due to Oliver's illness, EB left the eggs (personalized with a writing that somewhat resembles mine... imagine!), suggestions on where to hide the eggs and the treats that were awarded when the boys found all their eggs so that we could wait until he was feeling better. All I had to so was follow the instructions ;) Pretty nice of him/her/it, eh? ;) All this to avoid them thinking that it was actually me who was in charge ;) Honestly, I am encouraging the innocence as long as I can... despite the fact that I think that Alexander is on to me... but, with candy on the line, I don't think that he is going to wreck a good thing ;)
The weather was beautiful and we had a good time with the egg hunt! Oliver told me that the chocolate was a bit like medicine because it made his tummy feel better... Of course, Dr. Oliver ;)

On a sad note: today is my last day off from work... boo! Wishing you all a great day xox

Ready to start...

Found one!

Mr. Bunny in action

Nicka and his stash ;)

On the hunt...

So obvious... yet so hard to find ;)

Happy #1

Happy #2

Happy #3


  1. Lovely photos of alle your boys and all there eggs :-D

    1. Tusind tak! Dine billeder af sol og sand er virkelig fint også;)