Sunday, March 27, 2016

Change of plans

I love long weekends!

Friday evening, we spontaneously (or as spontaneous as you can be with children) got together with our good friends/boys' best friends. We were treated with an evening filled with fantastic friends, wine, cheese and martinis (the hosting husband's latest hobby... thumbs up!). Hanging out with these friends has, in the past, resulted in someone waking up the next morning not feeling very well ;) and yesterday was no exception..... The only thing was that it was not the adults but Oliver (and I am positive that he did not partake in the martini drinking)...  Needless to say, after dealing with a little boy who couldn't keep anything down, our plans to host Easter lunch were in the toilet (pardon the parallel!). Our change of plans included getting very good at quick trips to the bathroom and taking shifts lying on the couch with a sick boy :( Considering it was such a beautiful day, our big boys quickly abandoned Oliver to go out to play with friends. Andreas took outside shift #1 to run some errands and I took outside shift #2 to take a long walk in the sunshine. After our latest snow/ice storm (late last week.... I spared you all the complaining.... you are welcome), everyone was out walking in the sun with a look of sheer shock and appreciation on their faces ;) That... and ice cream ;) We did manage to colour some eggs in between sick phases, so we kept some of the holiday spirit ;)

Today, we are planning to enjoy the apparently-equally-as-beautiful-as-yesterday day with a walk and, maybe, some ice cream (OK...  I was jealous yesterday). My nephew is playing hockey this evening so we are thinking of going to see his game. Oliver, so far, seems better (he is jumping on his brothers so I am guessing that he is better) so it will be nice to get outside. Honestly, every week should include, at least, a 3 day weekend. This is so civilized ;)

Have a great day! Happy Easter xox

Art in progress ;)
The finished product!
Of course, we need wine glass emojis ;)
Colouring Easter eggs... otherwise known as blowing up gloves ;)
Oliver managed to get off the couch for a few minutes :(
In action.....
Yes, even a Swedish egg ;)

Alexander is at the age where he is definitely NOT into photos ;)
Back on the couch....
Still on the couch....
Still on the couch.....
My power walk
Enjoying the receding snow :)
Happy Easter


  1. I hope he feels better. Chocolate is good medicine ;-)
    Happy Easter Monday X

    1. Haha! I only used it for emotional medicine but now I will use it for physical issues as well ;) Happy Easter Monday and happy week to you xox

    2. Besides, the eggs are awesome <3

  2. I looked like you had at awesome time - hope that the title man is feeling better :-D

    1. He is much better now... Amazing how fast the little ones recover ;)