Sunday, March 13, 2016

Evening out with boys....

Yesterday, we went to see the Montreal Impact (soccer/football) play against the New York Red Bulls. It was a great game and, so exciting for the boys, was that the Impact won! 3-0. I think that the excitement accompanying the goals almost equaled the excitement that accompanied the multiple snack bars on the way into the stadium. Disclosure: I was the worst-mother-ever and said no to the snacks. Paying $5 for a bottle of water and $5 for a hotdog (yes, one hotdog) was NOT on the agenda! Anyway, we had a great time and I was later forgiven (they got 2 hotdogs each at a non-stadium restaurant). Go, Impact, go!

Happy Sunday xox

Arriving at the stadium...

Oliver thought the seats were like toilets.... ummm... ok? ;)

So excited!

In case you are wondering where Alexander is, he absolutely refused to be in pictures..... maybe it was grumpiness due to the lack of expensive snacks... ;)

Go, Impact, go!

Alexander FINALLY gets into it.... :P

Woo hoo!


Almost at the end of the game!

Impact scores again!


Great game! Love the photo-bomber in the background ;)

On our way to out of stadium hotdogs ;)

3-0! Great game!


  1. Lovely photos and the boys looks like they had a ball :-D

    1. They did... so did mamma ;) It was a great game! xox