Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy Friday!

All I can say is that I think my brain has left for holiday already and forgot to tell the rest of me ;) These last few weeks left before we head off are painful!!!!! The thought of just hanging out, without the routine day-to-day, is SO attractive right about now. The boys are excited to be finished school and to move into summer mode :)
Tonight is Oliver's graduation from daycare.. where did time go? I will post some pictures tomorrow!

Happy Friday to all xox

Candy break for good work in school (and because pappa was craving some lakrids) ;)

Oliver wanted to come and pick me up from the airport dressed as a Ninja Turtle....

The other travelers would have been jealous, of course!

On my way to work...

Silly boys!

Lego love


  1. The best welcome commitee of the world; a Ninja Turtle!!
    Have a good weekend, X

    1. He could be my own security guard ;) Good weekend to you and your boys xox

  2. Ahh, thats nice. :-)
    Have a lovely weekend Celena.

    1. I hope that you had a good one too, Catarina! :)