Saturday, June 13, 2015

Weekend and getting excited...

We had only one soccer game today so it has been a fairly relaxed day. This morning, I had to go and pick up my NEW computer because my last one finally died (with a little help from the last Windows update... ugh!). So, this is my first blog post coming from this new computer (reason to celebrate?). Anyway, we are taking it easy before tomorrow's crazy soccer schedule and I am dreaming of the start of our holidays.... ahhhh.... Oliver used his birthday money to buy some sunglasses (in the pictures below) so I know that he is also in the same frame of mind as me ;) The boys are wrapping up their school year in ten days from now so they are all getting excited... woo hoo! Now, just to survive the routine for the next few days..... wish me/us luck ;)

Hope you are having a great weekend so far!

Getting used to the principal's office at school ;)

Hello Mr. Principal ;)

Nicka with his Nivea mustache
Looking good ;)

Games in the school ground

Can't wait until summer time!


  1. Congratulation on the new computer :-) And det best of luck for the next days :-)
    Here we also are longing for vacation and I hardly can't wait for it so start.
    Enjoy your weekend soccer games. :-)

    1. Tak Catarina! This computer seems so fast compared to the old one... I feel so speedy ;)

  2. I hope your new computer give you years of pleasure.
    For now a nice, sporty Sunday!
    And how nice that we have all long hot summer still in prospect :-)
    Love your pictures!!

    1. Thank you, Ageeth! It is nice to have a sporty Sunday and even nicer to have a relaxing Sunday evening! ;) xox