Monday, June 8, 2015

Ped day and hair cuts

Good thing in the boys' books: it was a ped day. Bad thing in the boys' books: it was very rainy and they had to do homework. Good thing in mamma's books: we didn't have to rush anywhere. Bad thing in mamma's books: according to the boys, it was the most boring day ever.. (insert complaining here) :S

At least we managed one trip out... for haircuts (OK.. so it made my day better but their day got worse). Consulation prize was a trip to the store for some $1.00 toy that entertained them for about 30 seconds after they got home ;) No one got a time out and punching each other was kept to a minimum so, all in all, it was a pretty good day!

Happy week to all!


  1. It is time for a long vacation;-)
    Your boys are looking good!
    I love Olivers's shirt :-)

    1. You are SO right! We are all ready to go... Can't you tell by the pattern on his shirt? ;) It is from my favourite Danish brand Smaafolk. It is just a shame that the tops don't come in larger sizes (ie: for me!) ;)