Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weekend referee

No, I am not an official referee. I just spend about 95% of the weekend refereeing my sons' arguments (the other 5%, when I am not refereeing, is when they are sleeping... or on their tablets... but, even then, they argue). I was just going to post about how nice it was to sit outside while they played but, alas, that peace-and-quiet didn't last very long ;) I had to blow my ref whistle ;)

Our weekend was filled with soccer, soccer, soccer... and sun! It is tough to have the overlap between school and summer sports but the boys are now catching up on their reading (= kind of quiet... except for complaining about reading... but this time, the boys are in agreement) ;)

Wishing you all a happy week ahead! xox

Sometimes my husband still likes me ;)

Action man

I had to take a picture of this... I have a soft spot for balloons...

My soccer game.... ahhhh... my sanity!

Oliver, pretend sleeping, on the soccer field

Well deserved coffee at the end of the day!


  1. Ohh dear, I rely feel for you and I'm thinking, hat you all rely rely are longing for the upcoming vacation :-)
    Enjoy your day and hopefully its gonna be the total opposite of the weekend ;-)

    1. Tak :) I am working from home today so I am looking forward to the quiet ;) Have a good day! xox

  2. That pictures with the balloons is awesome en the rest as well :-)
    Your husband look as if he always loves you!
    LOL... when you have the silence is too quiet, but I know what you mean.