Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rainy holiday

Today was rainy but, honestly, I was fine with it (OK.. not so much the boys). We had the chance to be cosy at my inlaws', without the need to rush around. In the morning, Alexander, Andreas and I went to a local mall. Andreas and Alexander got to check out Swedish candies while I had 45 minutes of shopping. I ended up buying some clothes from a Swedish brand that I like (Lindex) and got some good deals (pictures to come). That was a real treat :) Bigger treat was that I fit into some kids' pants that I really liked ;) Nothing like that to boost my 45 year old ego ;)
Later in the day, my sister in law came by with her husband and 2 children. Oliver is in total bro-mance mode with his cousin Isak because, finally, he has a family member who is his size ;) My sister's boys are closer in age to Alexander and Nicklas so he feels a bit left out, I guess. They are so cute together because they have absolutely no idea what the other is saying but it doesn't matter at all- they figure it out :) The older boys thought that it would be fun to entertain the little kids by drawing mustaches on their faces with pen. Part of me hopes that the mustaches will come off while the other part of me hopes that they will not- serves them right after I told them not to do it ;) Mean mother ;)
Alexander is now doing a sun-dance so that the weather is nicer tomorrow. He is on a mission to go crabbing again. I think that he is out of luck but I won't tell him because the dance is pretty good!

Good evening to all! xox

Cheesy mustache

Nicklas with his pensive look

Cosy time (yes, I am bugging his tablet watching)


  1. Ha ha, they rely look cute and i sounds like you really had a wonderful day whit family and shopping. Whats Not To Like :-D