Friday, June 5, 2015


Today, Oliver graduated from his daycare (dagis). He will be there until the end of this month and then, after having kids at the same daycare since 2006, our family (my sister's 2 boys went there too) will have moved on. My three little men will be in the same school for one year before Alexander goes to high school... and I will save that upcoming milestone for another blog post ;)

Here are a few glimpses of Oliver's big day...

Going to be presented as the Class of 2015

The proud brothers

Me and my boys xox

Oliver and his best buddy

Getting bored of all the picture taking ;)

Ready for action!


  1. Your little Oliver is soon not your little baby boy

    1. I know! I have a hard time believing it ;)

  2. Your youngest always stays the youngest :-)