Monday, March 2, 2015

A little bit of Lego....

I think that I mentioned Andreas and I were redoing Nicka and Oliver's room... well, it is done! All in the Lego theme :) Here are a few highlights.... I didn't do any full room shots because I am washing the bedding today. When the beds look presentable, I'll post some pictures of the full room.

The boys love their new space and I am so happy!

Wall decal from Etsy :)

Another cool wall decal (yes, Etsy)

Recycling a laminate picture with Lego wrapping paper

The plant buddy

Curtain for closet (also bed sheets). Not quite Lego but WAY less expensive!

Ninjago pillow from Etsy

Another Ninjago pillow (I ordered 3... Alexander's blue one is in his room)

The best carpet.... so soft!


  1. Great details and beautiful colors!
    I love the carpet :-) It is a real boys room!
    Is there any pink in your house ;-)

    1. Thanks, Ageeth! No, sadly, no pink ;) That is why I like to visit Brinja's blog. It is the only "girlie" that I ever get to experience ;) Same thing for you? xox

    2. My husband snores very loud. The smallest room in the house is my own bedroom. With a floral duvet cover and other girl stuff. I recommend it to everyone !!

    3. Your own castle? How absolutely cosy :)