Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Football/soccer night out :)

Last night, Andreas and I took the boys to their first ever pro football/soccer game: Montreal Impact vs a team from Pachuca, Mexico (Pachuca FC). The winner would go to the CONCACAF semi finals (Impact tied, by the way, in the last seconds of the game- enough to move them on- see link here).  It ended up being a great game with, surprisingly for a Canadian city (especially a hockey city!), a great environment! The boys LOVED it (and so did Andreas and I).

We drove through a snow storm to get to the Olympic Stadium.... obviously, an indoor game ;).... but so did another 38,104 other people. It was fun to be at the party :)

That poor Mexican team ;)

Nothing like snow to say "SOCCER" ;)
Play on ;)
Ready for action
Woo hoo!

Get the party started!

Can't even see the action! ;)


Oliver's regular seat ;)

Family shot

The boys... all 4 of them ;)
Mothers like soccer too? ;)

Party animal...

No need for words....

Ahh.... so close!

Go Impact!

More boys



  1. From now one, your are not getting any thing done in the weekendes, or maybe you do, cause Andreas are going to take the bus to the games every weekend. Lol :-)

    1. I have to say that you are right! :) I am looking forward to seeing a game at FC Koebenhavn when I am there :) I used to live next door to the stadium and cursed the crowds every time there was a game! Now I would be happy that it was so close ;)

  2. What a great getaway! That tastes for more, secure!
    Good idea to play the game against the Mexicans in the winter ;-)

    1. We're definitely going for more!
      We can't really say that the snow was an advantage for us... The Mexicans played better than Montreal..... but, luckily, we caught up ;)