Sunday, March 22, 2015

Helping children with homework

When the children were very young (before going to school), I had visions of me, taking the time, to thoroughly explain school topics to my boys. I thought, heck, I am a teacher and they will benefit from my "insight and patience". Flashforward to today, homework has turned me into a ranting and raving lunatic. Apparently, they do well in school subjects WHEN THEY ARE AT SCHOOL but the second they get home, it is like they have never seen the work before.... ever! I get blank stares and "I don't get it". They argue with me as if I was the one that assigned it! If they were one of my students, fine- argument well directed.... However, this is NOT the case! I want to yell (and actually, I think that I have... multiple times....): IT IS NOT MY FAULT THAT YOU HAVE THIS HOMEWORK!!! PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT OUT ON ME!!!! Seriously....

To solve the issue, I regularly buy wine boxes. Andreas has started making "Homework" beer... it works too ;) I like to think that I am a little bit more patient ;)

Well... off I go... to homework land :)



GO! ;)


  1. Hi hi, I just love the way you explain it. :-) I also didn't have any patients and my son not with me, so in the end it was my hubby that was doing that and I just the supporting mum. :-D

    1. That was a smart move, Catarina! The only problem is that my boys take a lot of their classes in French and they are better than my husband at it... I think that he avoided learning it on purpose ;)

  2. Hello, I'm new to your blog but this post really made me smile. I struggle with homework help sometimes, especially as we have to distract the three year old who wants to "help". I just run out of patience by the end of the day some days

    1. Hi Minnado! So nice of you to stop by :)
      I feel your "pain"! My 4 year old decides when his brothers do homework that he should too... ugh! It usually involves loud singing, changing crayons every 2 seconds and fighting with the person who should be working hard! This is where my wine comes in handy ;) Haha! Have a good weekend!