Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Out for a walk

I love March! Seriously, it is love at first sight :)

Ever since March rolled around, we have gone from sub-sub-freezing temperatures to something that is actually reasonable. I mean, we can- imagine this- go outside and enjoy a walk. A very positive sign is that our dog (who seems to hate winter and cold as much as I do) actually wanted to go out for a walk. More suprising even, was that I took her. Even better was that I didn't even need gloves :) It was snowing but, when it is warmer, it doesn't matter!

Wishing you all a great rest of the day.... and warmer weather :) xox

Sparkly snow

Fanny, the winter-hating wonder dog ;)


  1. What a wonderful post; the world is getting better now ;-))
    I even thought it was sand on the pictures, LOL

  2. I defiantly love Marts swell and spring is rely just around the corner. :-D