Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Glimpses of Tuesday and a little lesson about being Canadian

It felt so nice yesterday to drive in with the window down*. Nice, warm air... ahhhh... I got home early so I made a coffee and sat outside in the sun for a while. It is SUCH a pleasure to be able to endure the outside again ;) More to come today...

* For non-Canadians, here is a little lesson: when the weather starts to get "nice" (ie: above 0C), Canadians are known to over exaggerate the temperature. For example, most sane people would not drive on the highway with their windows down when it is 2C. We do. I saw it everywhere. There were people actually wearing shorts... with their boots. One of them was even my friend... a relatively sane man. Even by our standards, however, it is not sandal weather yet. The snow crytals hurt, in a sand/small rock kind of way, when they get in between your toes ;) Most kids in the playground have taken their jackets off in temperatures that make most non-Canadian mothers shudder... It is not because we are particularly tough or anything.... just desperate ;)

Have a good day! XOX

Yes, I was in non-moving traffic ;)

My "new" Nespresso... that will be another post ;)

Please note: this is an actual sidewalk, sans snow ;)

Beautiful sky

My coffee....

Almost barefoot outside ;)


  1. It should look very special for non-Canadians. I think I understand it a bit. Here we also suck the sun and you Canadians are much more challenged this winter than we are!
    You´re Moomins coffee mug is AWESOME!

    1. We had a terrible winter so we are trying to make up for it! ;) My sons want me to let them go to school in t-shirts tomorrow... I had to say no ;) I do, however, get where they are coming from...
      We are Moomins coffee cup fans in this house :) Andreas had them when I first met him... they are kind of a memory of our "past life, without children" ;)