Friday, March 27, 2015

Flash back to past trips...

This afternoon (to take a break from cursing the latest snow fall... yes, again!!!!!!), I took a look at some old photos from the first time that we went back to Scandinavia as a family of 5. We have gone back since but I am amazed that Andreas and I survived the plane ride with boys at these ages (I guess that I should be happy for the sleep deprived numbness)! In these pictures, Alexander was 5, Nicklas 3 and Oliver 3 months. Oh yes, I was also about 5 years younger too ;) I am looking forward to seeing how the boys experience their trip this summer (if you haven't read my blog before- we are going to Sweden and Denmark in June). Needless to say, we are all very excited! Maybe even more excited than I am right now for warmer weather.... and that is saying A LOT!

Happy Friday to you all xox

At the Copenhagen Zoo


Tired boy...

We're so excited to be at Tivoli!

Partners in crime...

He looks so calm... looks are misleading ;)




  2. I'm just looking forward to meet you in person :-D

    1. Me too! It will be so cosy to finally meet in person :)

  3. They look adorable!
    When do you leave?

    1. And Oliver's shirt by Ingela is awesome!