Sunday, March 15, 2015

Booked and ready :)

Andreas and I decided to, perhaps foolishly, put ourselves and our 3 boys on a 8.5 hour airplane ride ;) I have to clarify that the trip is far from foolish but the "getting there" is. Have you ever wished for teletransportation? I have... EVERY TIME I AM ON AN AIRPLANE WITH MY KIDS. It is not like they are worse than other kids but I just put so much effort into them NOT being those kids on the airplane that everyone tells horror stories about ;) I become like a frantic one woman entertainment centre.... Do you want some crayons? Colouring book? Snacks? Stickers? Wine? Just kidding about the wine.... that was intended for me ;) I am just hoping that, this time, Oliver will like his onboard entertainment more (and running in the aisles less). The last time we went was 3 years ago (he was 2) and there was a very good reason why we waited 3 years ;)
Anyway, we booked our trip to Sweden! YAH! While we are there, Andreas and I are going to do an adult trip to Denmark to visit friends. We have not, in our 10 years of marriage, had a "trip away", even if, for Andreas, it is only a weekend. I will be staying for a few days more ;) Mamma time!
It will be fun.. and we are all really looking forward to it. I managed to get the passports all ready (not the one in the photo- which could actually work for Denmark- but the real ones) so we are booked and ready!

Happy Sunday :)


  1. They will do fine now they are three years older! I know that entertainment feeling, that being-prepared-for-anything.
    What a nice prospect to be together in Sweden and the getaway ;-) from Andreas and you together (and you alone)!
    Like the Danish passport!

    1. We are really looking forward to meeting up with old friends... and not having to worry about bed times ;) Pretty good match of a Danish passport, no? ;)

  2. If you are flying late at night, yu might be lucky that they are falling asleep during the flight. But on the other hand, there are so many games an movies for them onboard, that they properly dont have time for sleep. ;-)
    I rely hope that I can come to copenhagen and say hello to you. :-D

    1. We booked all night flights on purpose ;) I hope that I can finally meet you in person! It would be good to share a coffee (or glass of wine) together :)