Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy Weekend :)

We are now officially on spring break week (hmm... as per my last post, this name is not very accurate)! I am so happy- not because we are going somewhere warm- but this means ONE WEEK OF NO HOMEWORK, NO MAKING LUNCHES AND NO STRESSING IN THE MORNINGS! ;) Andreas has to work (his break was this past week) so I am staying home with the boys.... sometimes I wonder if he planned that all along ;)

Happy weekend to you all xox

Oliver is a lion!



  1. Hi hi, I'm sure he planed it very well. Laughing
    Enjoy your spring brake and looking forward to se a lot of photos whit the boys and you on a lot of trips out of the house...ore am I getting this all wrong. :-P

    1. We have some small adventures planned... but mostly relaxation :) Everyone has been fighting a cold for the past week, so it is nice to get some well needed quiet time :)

  2. Nice weekend together and enjoy a week off!
    I had last week with the boy holiday and we have not done anything special and I love it!
    Enjoying some nice lunches, played Monopoly, looked at some movies at home.....

    1. That sounds about right! Some Uno games, a few walks, some visits with friends.... calm! The best is not having to make school lunches and do homework! :)