Thursday, February 5, 2015

Just too cold

This winter has been a real teaser: we get a few "warm-ish" days and then, bam!, super cold days follow. It has been like this all through January and it seems like February will be the same. These kinds of days are really too cold to go out and do anything :( On Monday, I think that I said some very bad words while I was walking/running from the parking lot to my work building... glad no one was around to hear that ;) Anyway, I am trying to think warm thoughts and remember the +35C days of summer- which I have to say that I definitely prefer... no complaining of the heat here ;)

Yesterday was fairly warm... only -14C/no wind.... so today should start to get colder... think warm thoughts.... think warm thoughts.... think warm thoughts.....

Have a great (warm) day! XOX

Cold Montreal

Yes, I am stopped in traffic ;)

Even our dog does not want to go outside ;)


  1. Lots of strength!!! We have regular sun.
    Tomorrow east wind and cold, but that is nothing compared to the weather with you.
    I feel pity for you!

    1. Thank you :) Normally, I would always invite you to visit Montreal but just not at this time of year ;) xox