Monday, February 16, 2015

Stop the cold.... this is getting ridiculous!

It is another week of -30C weather... we're, on average, 15 degrees colder than most years (and guess what? I complained THEN... eek.... imagine NOW). I say "Stop the cold weather! I have had enough!"....
Don't let the sunshine fool you.... it means COLDER weather.... :P

PS: it was the Canadian flag's 50th birthday on the 15th.... despite the rocky acceptance to start, we stand on guard for thee....

Have a good week! Stay warm, peeps! xox

STOP the freaking cold :P
One step forward, two slides back

Don't let the sunshine fool you!

Happy 50th birthday, Canadian flag!


  1. I really feel sorry for you
    and hope that the temperature quickly rises! I hate cold!
    Congratulations with the Canadian flag's 50th birthday!

    1. Thank you for the sympathy! I also hate cold ;) Oh Canada ;)