Friday, February 13, 2015

Necklace creations

To brighten my winter, I ordered some fantastic beads from an Etsy seller called Earth Butter Beads. The store owner, located in South Africa, hires off-season farm workers (mostly women) to help her make the beads and allowing them to supplement their incomes. You can read the story on the Earth Butter Bead Etsy site. Win/win... and win because their beads are absolutely beautiful to wear! Now, I have a new necklace that I made from these beads.... and, hopefully, they brought some warm South African weather with them ;)

**I am pretty proud of myself because I did not complain about the weather at all in this blog post... You know, I could have... and I would have felt pretty darn justified.... Stupid, super cold weather ** ;)

My new necklace!


  1. It helps because you look warm and happy!
    What a great way to indulge yourself and a real win win win situation.
    The necklage is beautiful!

    Overhere some birds are chirping again, a sign that spring is coming :-)))

    1. Thank you! Please send me some warm weather... I saw a picture of Amsterdam and I am very jealous :) xox