Monday, February 23, 2015

Best purchase ever....

Well.... maybe not THE best.... but pretty close ;)
This past weekend, I got really fed up of smelly, wet gloves so, today, as a part of my procrastination routine, I searched online for glove driers. I found this one.... at Canadian Tire*, no less....

*for any non Canadian people who read this blog: Canadian Tire is an iconic hardware store that sells just about everything... from fishing rods to laundry soap to car parts to carpets to winter boots to windshield washer fluid to paint to toys to bikes to cat litter....well, you get the idea ;) Anyway, they are ALL OVER CANADA so it kind of binds us... a bit cultural... kind of like Tim Horton's (which I will save for another post)....

Back to the point of this blog: I love this thing. It is kind of like a blow drier for your gloves, leaving them dry and WARM.... this Canadian heart is loving it! So much for doing fashion posts, especially when it is hitting -35C tonight.... I'll take my MaxxDryXL (seriously, that is the name)!

Happy week to you all xox



  1. Thats rely handsome ;-)
    God to know that something like that already has been invented, it I ever should have that problem :-)

    1. In Canada, especially this winter, this dryer is worth its weight in gold ;) It has attachments for wet boots too! :) Go' dag til dig, Catarina xox

  2. The best ideas are born out of necessity! A big hurray for the inventors!