Sunday, February 1, 2015

The past few days (photo spam) :)

On Friday, a very tired but happy boy came home from his trip :) We had a nice evening and caught up on all the adventures. Given the busy week for all, no one actually argued when it was bed time! Like usual, Saturday morning was filled with basketball (the boys) and soccer (mine). Big fun time was Nicka's birthday party in the evening: pizza, cupcakes and 2 hours of video games at a local gaming centre! Heaven for 8 year old boys :)
Today has already gone by so fast that I can tell I will be in need of another Sunday! It has been Oliver's sport day, homework for Alexander and Nicka and BIG cleaning for me (blah!). Maybe my compensation will be one of the left over cupcakes OR some fantastic Danish candies sent from a very lovely blogger ;)

Wishing you all a great rest of the weekend and a happy week ahead!

This is like gold in this home :)


More snow

Nicklas' cupcakes

The birthday boy

Wondering what game to play next ;)

Not in the mood for pictures ;)

Alexander is very excited because cupcakes are next

Can I sing and walk at the same time? ;)

He wanted a lot of candles ;)

Happy boy

Fun with friends

Showing off presents

Reading cards

Funny faces

Cosy Oliver


  1. Looks like a great birthday party!

  2. A birthday party just like a boy in that age love :-)

    1. A bunch of excited little boys, full of cake and pizza.... so glad that it wasn't at my house ;)