Friday, November 2, 2018

Happy scary skeleton

We I survived Hallowe'en! ;) At the very last minute, all the boys decided to go out to Trick or Treat. I had wanted to get a picture of the 3 of them together, in their costumes, but considering that Alexander had left before I got home... and I had to rush to meet Oliver's friend on time... and Nicklas was still figuring out his costume by the time I had to leave, it was impossible to manage a photo. Oliver (aka the scary skeleton) was very patient and let me take one of him in his costume when we got back home..... maybe he was more patient because of his candy stash ;) Needless to say, when everyone finally arrived home, it was difficult to get them into bed because, of course, they had to compare candy and ramp up the sugar buzz...

When they finally fell asleep, I was able to sneak a few Oh Henry bars and peanut M&Ms ;) I call it Mother Tax ;)



  1. Hver gang Halloween rammer tænker jeg på Scary movie. Jeg blev aldrig bidt, da der ikke skal meget til at gøre mig utilpas, finde en pude, gå min vej.
    Godt min ringklokke ikke virkede den anden aften ;-)
    Nu slipper du vel for at købe fredagsslik til langt ind i det nye år ;-)

  2. I love your Mother Tax! Even as a skeleton, Oliver looks sweet!