Monday, August 28, 2017

My progression with progressives

Last week, not only did I take the boys to get their eyes checked (see here), I also found out that my 47 year old eyes have change prescription again and I needed progressives (UGH! Yes, like in bifocals!). Since getting my new glasses last week, I no longer feel dizzy (but I did in the beginning). I no longer feel nauseous (but I did at the beginning). I can walk down a flight of stairs without feeling like I am going to fall (yups... that too!). I haven't actually fallen (a good sign). I have better vision for distance. I can actually read something in my hand. I am no longer doing "eye-gymnastics" every time I change from looking at something up close to far away (progess). I am no longer mortified that I actually had to get progressive lenses (resolving myself). Guess I am progressing ;)

Wishing you all a good week ahead xox

I can see you hiding back there ;)


  1. You are so close to the target.
    When I received progressive glasses (like 25 years old) many years ago, my optician said it would take about 14 days.
    I still remember how it was going on stairs, not from that experience, but once I would try to be gentle with regard to progressive glass. It did not work for me, because when a good mother went well I could still not go on stairs, got dizzy just i took the glasses. It became a reminder.
    Today, I change every three years.

    1. Good idea to keep checking the prescription! I seem to be OK with the progressives.. so far so good... Please wish me luck ;) xox