Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Lost tooth

Today, Oliver finally lost his tooth. Yes- finally. This thing has been loose since before we left for Sweden. It has been so loose that it actually moved over and made a gap before it even fell out. His loose tooth has been a convenient excuse for not finishing his not-so-appreciated dinners. It caused chaos during tooth brushing time (ie: the tooth didn't like mint). It resulted in Oliver always needing a darn straw for drinking his water. It kept him from smiling in pictures. It even kept him from a swimming lesson that he didn't really feel like attending (but my tooth hurts too much to swim). And, now, the day before school, it is finally gone... and Oliver is happily trading his convenient excuse for a visit from the Tooth Fairy ;)

xox to you all!


  1. I love the tooth fairy. Unfortunately, it was not used when my children were small.
    All the beautiful children's stories, traditions are a gift, an opportunity to celebrate / party etc.

  2. I am the trained loose-teeth-remover in our family. The tooth fairy does not visit us, too much money training ;-)
    Oliver looks cute with the hole in his mouth!