Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Can't fight it anymore ;)

Yesterday, I had to go to the eye doctor to have my prescription re-evaluated. Admittedly, the big point was to get some new glass frames (mine are now perma-warped) so I was kind of looking forward to the appointment (Looking forward to new glasses- yes. Looking forward to paying for them- no). Anyway, the inevitable happened: I needed progressives. Yes- bifocals. Me. Ugh!
I knew that my current glasses had a prescription that was a bit weak- it was done on purpose on my last appointment so I didn't have to get progressives and I also knew that I do a lot more taking-my-glasses-off-to-look-at-things-close-up but, now, I can't fight it anymore. The optometrist gave me some basic "lessons" on how to use the lenses (ie: to help me not fall down flights of stairs as I get used to them), how to subtly look down so that I can read (without moving my head- that will be tough- it takes way too much co-ordination) and how to not totally feel nauseous for the first few days :P I am sure that it will all work out but it kind of felt overwhelming... and so darn complicated ;) Much too complicated for someone who is still 27? ;) What the heck happened? ;)

Success stories from people who wear progressives will be greatly appreciated ;)

Happy Tuesday xox

Thanks to the internet for this random picture ;)


  1. Welcome to the club!
    You will get used to them soon!

  2. Not too long ago at one of my eye appointments, the doctor brazenly said to me that I was getting to the age bracket where I may need progressives. I told him that if I would need progressives by my next visit, I was going to hold him responsible for jinxing my perfect reading vision. A year later he confirmed that I should no longer be progressive-free and laughed when I told him he was nothing but a curse to my youthful eyesight. Still don't like the combo in the lenses but I am happy to be able to read the smallest of the smallest font on a food label. ��

    1. What a nasty doctor! Imagine- cursing your youthful vision! ;) What? There is small font on food labels? ;) xox

  3. Welcome to the club users of progresive eyeglass.
    I was only 25 years old when I had to surrender, and it was before it was possible to get lenses, because at the same time I have a construction error to be co-ordinated. It may well now, but I have been using glasses for 50 years.