Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Boys' night out ;)

Last night, Alexander and Nicklas had their best friends over for a sleep over party. Andreas put up our tent in the backyard so it could be a camping experience... without the actual camping, which was fine by me ;) After snacks, video game time and loud laughter, they finally fell asleep. Nicklas likes to think that it was at 2:15am but, actually, it was more around 1am. How do I know? The tent was located right outside our bedroom window. Lucky for them that they weren't sharing secrets ;)
They woke up to a big breakfast (made by Andreas), trampoline time and sunshine. Not a bad way to start a Wednesday ;)

Hope you all had a great day xox

Before the monkeys woke up...

Back to full action!

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  1. Happiness is summer, camping life, friends overnight, delicious breakfast table