Thursday, August 24, 2017

Back to school preparations

Buy school supplies: check.
Pay for Alexander's school fees: check.
Pick up Alexander's class schedule: check.
Buy new back packs for school: check.
Buy new school pants for all three boys: check.
Buy new shoes for Oliver: check.
Line up all three boys and cut hair in record time: check.
Take all three boys to the eye doctor and be totally relieved that no one needs new glasses yet: check.
Start to make bedtime and wake up times earlier: check.
Get frustrated because the boys seem to be fighting more than usual: check.
Remind boys that video games will soon be available only on weekends: check.
Invest in wine box that will help with the first few weeks of homework: check.
Do happy dance that they start again next week: check, check and check ;)

Happy Thursday! xox

School supplies :)

That is a lot of hair!


  1. Everyday knocks on very soon. (Check)
    Holiday is wonderful, everyday and weekend is wonderful, the many routines make happy and give plenty of understanding why the holiday is so wonderful.
    Good weekend and soon everyday.

    1. I have to say that I am looking forward to the routine! I need a holiday from the holidays ;) God weekend til dig! xox