Wednesday, August 30, 2017

First day of school part 1

Today, Nicka and Oliver started school and I did my BIG happy dance ;) Alexander will be starting tomorrow (this is why this post is the first day of school part 1)... and I will be doing an even bigger happy dance ;)
As much as I am a bit sad to see summer go, I will be happy to get to a family routine again. I am tired of 1) boys fighting, 2) loud Youtube channels, 3) tablet addictions, 4) fighting them over tablet addictions and 5) the never ending driving from one activity to another. My attempt to work from home was ok but not as productive as I would have liked. Maybe the constant refereeing or food service had something to do with it ;)
This morning, I woke the boys up with a happy "Wake up. It is back to school" and I didn't even get a grunt in return. I am guessing that they are happy to see their friends again after the summer break. Let's see how the wake up routine goes again tomorrow ;) I didn't even mind making their lunches ;)

Happy first day of school (part 1)!

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  1. The waking boys give an impression of being happy to get back to everyday routines. I experience that when the pictures are looked through. And your lovely smile / laugh makes it quite clear.