Saturday, August 19, 2017

Missing in action

Sorry for being so neglectful of my blog space ;) It is now the frantic end of the summer period where all the sports have playoffs ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Today was a marathon of soccer and swimming for the 2 bigger boys and I found myself repeatedly whispering thanks for Oliver not being old enough to be involved in the playoff period ;) This coming week, we will be going to pick up Alexander's school schedule and school supplies for Nicklas and Oliver. The following week is... tah!dah!... back to school! :) Yes- I am smiling! Big time! But that will be for another blog post ;)
Here are a few glimpses of the last few days... I even managed to find a few minutes to buy some "end of the summer flowers". Andreas picked up a "tree face"... which he didn't tell me about... and it scared the crap out of me when I finally noticed it on our tree ;)

Tomorrow is more soccer (for the boys, me and Andreas). A late evening glass of wine is also pencilled in... Wish me luck and sanity for the day ;)


Yes- it scared the crap out of me when I finally noticed it... OK- I am slow ;)

This will be the majority of my weekend....


  1. It is a long summer holiday for the school seekers. Here there have been school start in week 32 or 33, depending on which part of the country the children live. In the city, primary school started the 14/8 and upper secondary schools on 16/8.
    Is it the season end or is it that I do not fully understand the term "playoff". Here the new season begins to swim at the same time as school starts, they like to go on holiday while school, depending on how the competitions are, the Danish championships. However, if you have been invited to international competitions, there are more over the summer. Remember that the son had a holiday in July from football, it's also 15 years ago, I last was soccermum ;-)

    1. You are right! It is a very long summer holiday for the boys! Playoffs are, at the end of the season, when all the teams play in a weekend competition to see who is in first place. If you ever miss being a soccer mother, you are welcome to take my place for a few games ;) xox