Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mother x-ray vision

Sometimes, I run an experiment at home: I leave something on the floor that I would normally pick up (ie: a plastic bread tie,a dust bunny, a piece of scrap paper). It kills me to leave it there but I want to make a point. I want to find out if anyone in our house also sees it..... besides me, of course. So far, my experiment has yielded some interesting results: NO ONE ELSE SEES THE DAMN THING THAT I HAVE LEFT ON THE FLOOR. They will kick it by accident. They will walk over it. They will look at the floor until they get to the offending piece that should not be there and then conveniently look up at the ceiling. What is my conclusion? I must be abnormal. Secret x-ray vision, maybe? Ability to look into a garbage dimension? I must have some kind of super power BECAUSE I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES THE CRAP ON THE FLOOR!!!!! But, I have to give the boys some credit: I really think that they don't see it. Or they are the best actors in the world when they look at me in disbelief when I point out the offending crap... So, I like to think that I have super powers... Anyone see my cape? ;)


I see a speck of dust under the bed... and it bugs me.... but no one else sees it ;)


  1. Ha ha ha it's a mum/women thing - here in the household, even Søren can't always se what I see. So I have concluded that ALL women have superpowers and therefor can see ALL the things no one else can see, that covers dust, dirt, paper and so on :-D

  2. Some moving words I've had with me
    "Remember, children do as we do not as we say they should do" - Do not know if it can be used.
    I remember it from the time the children were home and I lived with their father, I saw it a long time before, even though there were 3 girls and 1 boy plus father.
    We mothers have some kind of thing that makes us see something before it's there :-)