Sunday, May 7, 2017

No break

It is still raining... :(

My mother sent me these pictures today, taken from a drone (I have no idea who actually took them so my apologies for the lack of photo credits). It shows part of the flooded area, about a 15 minute drive from our house. Actually, on Saturday, my weekend soccer game was cancelled because the place where we play (about 5 minute walk from the area in the pictures) was deemed dangerous to bring people into :(

On the top picture, the actual river is on the right hand side. On the bottom one, the river is at the bottom of the image. The rest of the water is the flood.. and covering parking lots, streets and peoples' properties :(

If you can, please send positive "dry" thoughts to our neighbours. It is really appreciated!

xox to you all!


  1. A very sad sight.
    Hope there will soon be good heat, so the amount of water will evaporate.
    Welcome to monday and everyday life. Here in DK a short week. On friday it's St. Bededag.

    1. We are keeping our fingers crossed that today will be drier!

      Have a good week! The short ones are the best xox

  2. I saw it in the news and my thought was with all of you. I'll newer have seen so much rain.