Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Since having kids, I have become forgetful. It could also be that having kids coincided with going through my 30s and into my 40s.... but I prefer to blame the kids ;)
I used to have an awesome memory: Phone numbers? No problem. I will call you! Agenda? No need! I will remember! Faces? I could always remember your name and how I met you. Birthdays? Let me pick up the phone and wish you a happy day on the right day... Now, I can barely remember my name, whether I need to get a certain kid to a certain place at a certain time (plus or minus half an hour) and if I turned off the stove ;)
I remember coming back to my PhD studies after my mat leave with Alexander. Someone visiting our lab asked me what my project was about and I totally blanked. I had no idea... even after spending the last 3 years on it. I think I made something up... seriously. At that very moment, I panicked... What happened to my memory?!??! Flash forward 12 years and I have become somewhat accustomed to it ;) Well, at least, I can laugh about it ;) Or I can just blame the kids ;)

Wishing you all a happy Monday... I mean, Tuesday... Wednesday? Who cares.... as long as it is happy ;) xox


  1. Ha ha, so you experience the same thing as I did and now when its only Søren and I - I'm again the one with the elephant brain. Some day I will come back to you, but I think for it to come back, it ned quietness, and lots of vine - every weekend and weeknights ;-)

  2. Min hjerne er nok mere lig din :-)