Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Waters receding

Today was, luckily, a dry day. Heck, we even had sun :) The flood waters are very slowly receding. Good news- yes- but it is also a point in time where people start to realize what they lost :( I volunteered at the boys' school today (they had a fun run around the block) and, when I was outside, a boy came up to me and asked when the kids would be running. I told him soon and asked if he was one of our students. He said no and proceeded to tell me that he was visiting his aunt and uncle because his house was full of water. Ugh! How do you answer to that one? Poor family!

One good thing about this flood: it is nice to see people wanting to help each other. This afternoon, I picked up some toiletries to donate and the lady at the cash was actually suggesting things that other people had not bought yet. Imagine- a live grocery list ;)

It will probably take months for some of these families to get some sort of normal back to their lives. Terrible, yes, but I hope that they can feel that others care...

Happy Wednesday to you all! xox

This is one of the fields where I play soccer in the summer. No, it doesn't usually look like that. (Picture found on the net)


  1. Lovely it was dry weather. You need it.
    Thinking of how the citizens affected by the flood are insured.
    Great to hear how people move together and help each other.

    1. Unfortunately, quite a few won't be insured. Overland flood insurance is very new here and a lot of people with older policies will not be covered :(
      The sense of community is definitely the one silver lining xox

  2. You could honestly almost start a rather polo team ;-) Glad that it stoped raining. :-D