Friday, May 26, 2017

Another 10 random facts

1. If there are 25 of a type of item on the store shelf, I always seem to pick up the only one that does not have a price tag/bar code on it... and it is honestly not done on purpose ;)

2. Lately, I find myself being the type of woman who talks to people in bank lines... Andreas thinks it is funny that I can talk to people like that... I am surprised to find myself actually in a bank line.... ;)

3. I still love my new toilet. For further explanation, read this.

4. For some strange and probably self-punishing way, I am looking forward to flying to Sweden with the 3 boys... by myself... just me and them.... outnumbered! ;)

5. Yesterday evening, I played soccer in the rain... and actually enjoyed the rain part.

6. The first 2 things that I want to eat when I arrive in Sweden is Scandinavian style pizza (it is very different than what we have in North American) and Risifrutti (cherry is my fave).

7. I am now officially getting Alexander's hand-me-down soccer cleats.

8. Nail polish on my fingernails lasts about 5 milliseconds, no matter how professional the job might be ;)

9. I came up with 3 things that bug me about summer (just to be fair to winter): big mosquitos that like to hang out around my ears, mud on my kitchen floor and bananas that seem to go bad in about the same amount of time that it takes me to wreck my manicure ;)

10. I missed international wine day! Seriously! So bad!

Now, here for some oldie-but-goodie random photos ;) Wishing you all a great day xox


  1. Item 1, I know all too well, either the barcode is missing or it is curled.
    Funny, thought pizza was the same everywhere :-)
    When my daughter was in Romania, Bucharest, she enjoyed Ikea, they could deliver rye bread, so one of them where you only have to add water, then there was home-baked :-)

    1. I buy that same bread at our local Ikea too! Have a good beginning to your week xox