Sunday, May 21, 2017

Noise with boys

This is a holiday weekend. I always look forward to the relaxation, quiet moments, calm that comes with a long weekend "off". Needless to say, I am naive. Long weekends are NEVER relaxing, quiet or calm. They usually end with me looking forward to going back to work... or wine.... or both (but not together..; c'mon... I AM professional, you know) ;)
The boys, before the chaos of soccer games hits this afternoon, were allowed to spend time playing video games. You would think that this is a quiet activity that they can do together. Nopes. I had to close the basement door because the noise coming from downstairs is louder than my radio, which is in the same room as me.. and I can still here them... yelling.... but, at least, not AT each other but WITH each other. Guess that counts for something.....

Happy weekend to you all xox


  1. I'm sure that you are as much naiv as I was and I'm sorry to tell you, that that navitit is going to last ;-)

  2. I remember and commemorate ;-)