Tuesday, December 6, 2016

It is back!

Yesterday, it snowed... and snowed... and snowed. The morning weather forecast called for about 1-2cm. I think we ended up with at least 10! Today, there is snow... significant snow... and, if one more boy asks if they have to wear boots and snow pants, I will lose my marbles ;)

For those people who love snow, hope you enjoy the following spam xox


  1. Jeg vil så gerne der kom lidt sne her, og ikke 10 graders varme, regn, tung himmel etc.
    Så er det dejligt at komme ind her og få lidt vintervejr, stemningen stiger lige med 100 %

    1. The problem is that we still have warm weather, with grey skies and the same kind of drizzle rain as in Copenhagen... and it is now icy, slushy and slippery... ugh ;)

  2. LOVVVVEEEEE all your snow photos and I wish we could have just a tiny bit of all your snow :-D