Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas shopping

I do the Christmas present shopping. Actually, I do ALL present shopping... for every birthday-other holiday-other kid birthday- good report card- every other event that we may encounter during the year. I guess that it was on the mother contract and I just didn't read the fine print ;) Andreas is very talented because he swoops in at the last second, just as the WRAPPED (not by him, just saying!) present is being handed over, and says "A present.... from PAPPA!" and then he sits there trying to figure out what is in the package. Guess this part is in the father contract... and he negotiated the better deal ;)

Happy Wednesday! xox


  1. Du fortjener en medalje! Intet mindre!!...
    Rigtig god weekend! ❤️

    1. Tusind tak! We all deserve medals ;) God weekend xox

  2. Ha ha ha, that is the same here and I sometimen Søren, so he can remember what "he" gave his sons and family ;-)