Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Grading exams and disco lights

 Since I have to grade my students' exams during the holiday... which is EXACTLY the same time as my boys are home... I end up working in very funny places, just to get things done ;) In the past, it has been in my outside office (here) or in a place with palm trees (here) but, today, I was in the company of odd looking rabbits and disco lights. The coffee was good (= happy me)... and I didn't see the boys for about 1 hour (= effective me) so I managed to get all my grading done for one of my classes. Mission accomplished!  Plus, the bonus was the environment- definitely more funky than my kitchen table ;)


  1. Ha ha, that sounds like af awesome place for boys and girls and I can imagine, other parents doing something similar, or not quite, but they where properly sitting surfing on there phones :-D

  2. Great to have the ability to work elsewhere, that I dream often about. Although the boys can be integrated into your work, and in such a lovely active way.