Thursday, December 8, 2016


Oliver is better today... he has transitioned from a sick, half-sleeping, quiet boy back to his usual active self. I knew he was OK when he asked for a left over cupcake from Sunday and I, happy that he was eating again, gave it to him. When he asked for a glass of milk to go with it, I knew that he was feeling better. Now, 3 million episodes of Yo-kai Watch later, the puke bowl is gone and my boy is back. I am sure that he will be fighting with Nicka before 6pm ;)

Happy day to you all xox

My terrible mother allowed me to eat a cupcake.... and I love it ;)


  1. Good for Oliver and for all of you. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. xxx

  2. I am happy for Oliver and for you, X

  3. Dejligt Oliver har det bedre, det glæder mig. God søndag til dig.