Sunday, December 11, 2016

3rd of Advent? Already?

How the heck did this happen? Only 2 weeks left until Christmas? The past few days have been filled with sickness, getting better-ness, dirty laundry, cold weather, homework, studying, grocery shopping and house cleaning. It is Sunday now and the boys are getting ready for bed... I am planning on a quiet evening to recharge the batteries. Wishing you all the same! xox


  1. Håber alle er ved godt helbred nu hvor hverdagen igen banker på.
    Tiden flyver afsted, og snart er det den store aften, morgen. Kan ikke lige huske hvordan din familie markere det.

    1. We celebrate on the 24th so I will think of you and your family on the same day xox

  2. I rely do think that tins December has gone way faster than the laste couple og years. Even though that I have been up front with everything, I stil can't say, that I hade the time for just lean back an enjoy.