Friday, September 30, 2016

Over the week

It is becoming increasingly clear that the trees in Montreal have received the "autumn memo". Suddenly, there is orange, red and yellow everywhere. The days are still pretty darn beautiful but the mornings have a chill that causes me to argue with the boys so that they, at least, put a sweater in their school bags (today I argued with Oliver about the sweater... and then he wanted gloves... ugh!). The sunlight has this special golden colour and it is a total pleasure to be outside. As much as I love autumn, I am well aware of what is looming behind it. For now, I will pretend that winter does not exist and get as much joy out of autumn as I can. This weekend, I am sure, will be as chaotic as the week. Ahhh... family life ;)

Wishing you all a great Friday! Here is a little photo spam from around Montreal xox

What a sky!

Self portrait ;)

No... this is NOT my house ;)

This is so Montreal...

Holding on to summer....

The "autumn memo" has been circulated...

Another self portrait

Wish I could put this on a t-shirt ;)

Random Bart Simpson graffiti..




Happy day to you!


  1. I have experience the cate same thing here i DK - now - more or less out of the blue, the trees, bushes hare a lot og yellow and orange leaves. Soon its all gonna change for some awful, white and very cold stuff, called SNOW!!!!